Worldschooling Adventures

 While we began our semi-nomadic lifestyle as a means of escaping the harsh Canadian winters, we have found the girls flourishing as their perspectives broaden with every new city we land in. Being able to truly spend some time living in a city means we are no longer just jumping around sightseeing destinations. Slowing down to really take in the differences culture, food, and environment has becoming learning experiences for not just the girls, but us parents too. Some of our biggest life lessons include: 
Play is an international language - it still continues to amaze me how kids can meet at a playground and just start playing within minutes even without speaking the same language. 
Things don’t bring happiness - living out of suitcases and in furnished apartments has really diminished our material attachments. Instead of seeking out new purchases, we seek out new experiences. 
North American standards are not worldwide - many things that we take for granted back home we have found out to be a luxury across the pond (hot water, indoor heating/cooling, dryer, etc)

The girls have learned many lessons through osmosis and immersion during our travels such as currency and time zone changes. While they may not remember the every destination, I believe that their perspective of the world will forever be altered. 
As Daniel Tiger says : “In some ways we are different but in so many ways we are the same”.