Beginning our journey into homeschooling…

It’s been over 9 years since I have done anything on the web. After the birth of my first-born my world got turned upside down. While I scrambled to learn the ropes of motherhood, I found my priorities shifted. Instead of learning about CSS I was learning about sensorial toys. I immersed myself into learning different pedagogies, trying to figure out which approach would best prepare my little ones to tackle the challenges of life.

When we decided to move home to Toronto after a few blissful years in the Caribbean we were in for a rude awakening. 9 days after we landed, an epic ice storm hit the city and we lost power for 10 days. That winter was truly a cold reception home with record breaking lows and blizzards. Between constantly getting sick and us waving the white flag to winter and fleeing to Florida, Addison spent just as much time out of her Montessori school as she spent attending it.

The next winter was not much better with us being even more paranoid about baby Peyton getting sick. Everyone was miserable and missing the warm sunshine of the Caribbean. Paying tuition for school felt silly when Addison’s attendance was abysmal. While we loved being closer to the grandparents, we weren’t happy living as popsicles for half the year. We started looking into homeschooling and traveling to other cities in North America trying to find our new utopia. Thus began our accidental journey into the semi-nomadic lifestyle of worldschooling.

Our welcome home

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